Writing Prompts

Eve and Pandora meet for coffee. Write about why they are meeting. What did they discuss? Use the last line of the last story or poem you wrote as the first line in a free writing exercise. Look up a menu of a restaurant you have never been to before, anywhere in the world. Use … Read more

Journaling with Audre Lorde

A lil’ sumn sumn to help with journal exercises. (*This is a snippet from my journal entry this morning) I use this questionnaire that Divya Victor adapted from Audre Lorde’s Cancer Journals as a journal prompt on a regular basis. Whenever I feel stuck. Whenever I want to stir up new ideas and discover new … Read more

Reiki and Decolonized Healing

Here are a few of my notes about reiki that I want to share with you. If you have more questions about reiki and decolonized healing please email me at valencia@radicalwell-beingcenter.com Notes on Reiki: Reiki is healing energy gifted to us by the universe. All of us. Healing is our birthright. Our oppressive systems have … Read more