Reiki and Decolonized Healing

Here are a few of my notes about reiki that I want to share with you. If you have more questions about reiki and decolonized healing please email me at

Notes on Reiki:

  • Reiki is healing energy gifted to us by the universe. All of us. Healing is our birthright. Our oppressive systems have restricted healing by erasing these practices that our ancestors and animal ancestors have used since the beginning of our existence. 
  • Reiki works through touch. Physical and energetic touch. While some sessions involving “laying of hands” often reiki is delivered from a distance, with no touch. The reiki recipient may be experiencing sensitivity, pain or trauma, the energy can still be delivered without touch. The reiki recipient may be miles or years away; the energy can still be delivered.
  • Reiki can be delivered across distance and time. The reiki practitioner can guide reiki to the past or even the future. 
    • If you are doing inner child work or shadow work, the reiki practitioner can assist you in this by delivering healing energy to your past. Directing healing energy to the past will help heal the present and beyond. 
    • If you are preparing for an upcoming event a protest, a medical procedure, court date, job interview, taking a road trip- whatever, your reiki practitioner can send this energy ahead to these future events.
  • Trauma moves into our bodies our physical and energetic bodies. Reiki helps to move that energy out of us. When we move this healing energy through our bodies we have the opportunity to experience our own vast capacity for holding energy. We can cut energetic cord during reiki sessions that free us from unhealthy attachments and call our power home to us.
  • I welcome my clients to use their ancestors, guides, angels or whatever deities they connect with to help guide our sessions. 
  • As the energy moves through us during a session, there may be sensations of tingling, warmth, goose bumps. This is normal and is sometimes experienced by the practitioner as well as the recipient.