Dorothy Yarrington, LLMSW

Difficult experiences have the potential to teach us valuable lessons and become opportunities for learning, growth, and positive change. As a clinical social worker, I seek to guide individuals to finding their meaningful life, self-acceptance and self-autonomy by developing healthy coping behaviors and valuing their self-worth. My journey of recovery has guided me to the path of social work, giving me a unique perspective on the helping profession and the gift of giving back. Applying social work theories and skills to daily obstacles increases my awareness to the inherent dignity and worth of all people, deepened my connection to other humans, and founded my belief that healing comes from the soul.
I believe in the power of sharing life experiences, mutual aid, and the unity and growth that comes from supporting others of diverse cultural, ethnic, and social backgrounds. I am passionate about Client-Centered Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, a Strengths-Based Perspective, Mindfulness, Empowerment Theory, Trauma-Informed Care, Body Positivity, Non-Judgment, Intersectionality, and Open-mindedness. I am grounded in a practice that feels authentic, genuine, and honest. I continue to learn from the individuals that I support that our stories continue to be written. I have a special interest working as a trauma therapist exploring the impact of generational trauma and societal stressors on long-term mental health and reclaiming the narrative.
If you are ready to embark on a journey of healing, I would like to support you at your own pace. I will meet you where you are at. Mutual aid in the therapeutic alliance can increase resilience, a sense of belonging, and hope. I would like to offer support to anyone seeking help, change, growth, or guidance to their meaningful life. Learning is limitless. It is never too late.
M.S.W. Masters of Social Work: Wayne State University – 2019
B.A. Women’s Studies: University of Michigan – 2012
In my free time I am a cat momma to Chili and Basil, a singer, an empath, a Virgo, a crafter, a warrior, an over-organizer, a hair chameleon, an astrology-lover, a survivor, and I love a good Netflix-&-chill.
Instagram: @herstoryisjustbeginning