Ebony Morrison, Licensed Massage Therapist


I am a Licensed Massage Therapist with the desire to integrate massage into the wellness routine of people seeking optimal health. I know that integrative medicine and wellness are essential tools in dealing with both mental and physical stress experienced by all people and especially those in marginalized communities. Positive safe touch is important to the human condition and something so many are lacking in the digital age.

I  have a deep passion for helping people and a history of client focused care. Before each session I ground myself and set my intentions for the body to experience relaxation and healing. My areas of expertise include full body Swedish Massage with elements of Shiatsu and Thai Massage. Use of these modalities and others allow clients to remain fully clothed if they choose. It is important to me that each client is in charge of their own massage and feels safe and free to ask questions.

I received consistent therapeutic massage for the first time after sustaining an injury and experiencing a tough transitional life event. It changed the way I thought about integrative care. Combining meditation, exercise, journaling, medication, therapy and massage helped me get back to feeling alive and connected again. -I also bought a lot of plants-

I have been a group fitness instructor for eight years, I hold a Bachelors of Business Marketing from Western Illinois University and a Certificate of Completion from Irenes Myomassology Institute. In my spare time I am the typical millennial caring for a large collection of plants, eating dark chocolate, and being outdoors with my handsome pup Boston George.

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