Hope Doucet, LMSW


Every person is living in their own unique reality. And, every person has the power to manifest changes. I will walk alongside you on your therapeutic journey to embrace, accept, and understand yourself and your world so that you can manifest your dreams and goals. Wherever you are in life, I will meet you in that place to guide you to befriend, nurture, and empathize with your inner self. Your inner self right now might feel scared, ashamed, frantic, or in pain. It might also feel bright, strong, powerful, and brave. We can work together to heal your inner self so you can welcome closeness, connection, and safety with yourself and others.

I primarily support LGBTQ+/queer folx, children and teens, young adults, people in or coming from the child welfare system, and all survivors of childhood abuse and neglect. I am here for you during the process of discovering, re-imagining, questioning, and embracing all parts of you. Being queer and/or a survivor is a non-linear journey, a story, a community, and an embodiment. 

Clients have described me as “patient, real, down to earth, understanding, and caring.” I support people with intersectional identities across spectrums of gender, race, sexual orientation, and religious, non-religious, or spiritual beliefs. My counseling approach is relational, trauma-informed, and empowerment focused. Values that guide my therapeutic relationships include: cultural humility, curiosity, empathy, integrity, honesty, non-judgement, respect, safety, and thoughtfulness. I have most experience working with people living with ADHD, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, personality disorders, PTSD, self-injury, and suicidal ideation with prior attempts.

Relationships start at the beginning of therapy. Here is a brief introduction of me: I am a queer person. I find joy in writing poetry, reading, hot yoga, weight lifting, shopping, live shows (like Cirque du Soleil), spirituality, and spending time with friends. I graduated from the University of Michigan’s School of Social Work in 2017 with Certification in Child Welfare. I will be attending a DBT training in the fall of 2021.

P.S. You are brave to be here, right now.