Kenny Rose

Kenny Rose, LMSW


My practice is rooted in social justice, recognizing that the harm caused by systems of oppression leads to anxiety, depression, and a myriad of other health concerns. My practice is trauma-focused and aims to support you in developing your skills in responding to recurring trauma. Just as our minds and bodies are capable of experiencing immense suffering, they are also capable of healing, thriving, and liberation. I have the privilege of being present with you while we work on this together, as we seek solutions to the most challenging thoughts, feelings, and fears. Through breathing, movement, deep listening, art, meditation, writing, as well as other strategies that best work for you, we will find ways to navigate this complicated world around us and within us.

In my decade of experience as a social worker, much of my focus has been working with people living with HIV; people who have been incarcerated; people who use drugs and alcohol;  people who identify as queer, lesbian, bisexual, or gay; people of Trans experience; and those who identify as gender non-conforming and non-binary. Prior to practicing social work, I served for many years as an educator in Detroit, supporting young people who have learning disabilities as well as youth engaging in drugs and violence, or at risk of engaging in drugs and violence.