Lance Hicks, LMSW, Consultant


I came out as trans at age 15, and transitioned in high school, so I’m passionate about support for trans youth, and also for trans youth of color (I identify as Black/biracial/mixed). As a Black kid growing up in a segregated community, racial justice has always been a huge part of my life, and I am passionate to help you bring that lens to your nonprofit, business, or movement work. I have past lived experience with poverty, and current lived experience as a member of the Mad Pride movement, so the link between class, race, gender, and mental health is at the forefront for me.

I’ve been a community organizer since 2005, and am totally in love with QTPOC Detroit. In 2011, I co-founded an organization of QTPOC youth media organizers, and offered mentorship and support to young people across Detroit using podcasts, videos, fliers, and banners to address topics ranging from street harassment to intimate partner violence. I support #BLM, and believe #NoHumanIsIllegal. I’m also a psych survivor, and my personal experiences within the mental health system guide my practice on a daily basis.

My combination of lived experience within marginalized communities, as well as extensive training in community organizing and anti-oppression work, make me a dynamic educator; while my work as a clinical therapist primes me to be empathetic to your experience, non-judgemental, and invested in creating the brave space you need to work and grow in. I offer clinical consultation to white practitioners working with POC clients, and to cis practitioners working with trans and gender-expansive clients. To organizations, businesses, and movement spaces, I offer training in creating trauma-informed culture, education on depathologizing support for Mad folks or those of us with mental health struggles, and experiential deep-dives into the topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Contact Info: and (313) 731 2453.
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