Natalie Pearce, LMSW


My approach is non-binary and rooted in the belief that we exist in truth in a “both/and” place. I believe in cultural humility as my way of being and honor individuals by building mutual trust, respect, and understanding. Healing occurs when we can accept ourselves, with all of our seeming contradictions, whole-heartedly. Audre Lorde wisely stated, “Your silence will not protect you.” Further, silence can in fact stifle our growth and create dis-ease. Together we can learn to speak and honor our truths, a radical act.

I hold space for your own self-discovery and transformation and work with you through past and present trauma, while providing support, encouragement, and tools for growth and change. My passion is human connection and the ways in which this connection can be healing. I offer non-hierarchical authenticity in healing work.

Living your truth is an act of radical self-acceptance. Getting there can be challenging, frightening, and even maddening. I will walk with you through your journey into living with radical self-acceptance. This includes accepting what is while simultaneously changing, growing, and evolving into what you want to become. I deeply honor anyone who walks courageously into the depths of their own truth.

MSW, Wayne State University, 2004

BA, English Language and Literature/Women’s Studies, University of Michigan, 1998