Rachel Scullion, LMSW


Hey y’all, I’m Rachel. I probably don’t need to tell you we’re living in a racist, sexist, heteronormative, capitalist dystopian nightmare in a slow and painful collapse. It’s hard to cope with that knowledge while dealing with day-to-day nonsense, on top of reliving past trauma on a regular basis. It’s a lot and it’s heavy and it sucks. Some people turn to substances and other vices to cope. I got sober using the 12 steps, but there’s many paths to recovery and harm reduction is rad too and I’m here for that if you need it. EMDR helped me to address my past trauma, and to stop living in toxic cycles, and it helped so much that I went and got trained in it so I could help y’all. Mindfulness techniques help me to stay in the present and stay grounded and not feel so anxious about what the future holds. When you’re not reliving past trauma, and you’re not constantly anxious about the future, and you’ve let go of toxic coping strategies, then dealing with the day-to-day nonsense starts to feel a bit less overwhelming. Let’s get you there.

When I’m not exchanging labor for the means to survive, I like to go to punk shows, go hiking and camping, read books, and learn how to fix things. Right now I’m learning automotive maintenance repair and my partner is teaching me how to weld. Occasionally, if I have time, I like to write, paint, draw, take photos, crochet, and make jewelry, mostly just for fun, creative expression, and cheap gifts for my family and friends.