Shatia Pawlowski, TLLP


Imagine for a moment a life where you feel fulfilled, connected to self and others, and inspired. You’ve developed coping mechanisms that help you effectively manage feelings like stress, guilt, or shame. You feel confident about your ability to reach goals you’ve created regarding relationships, past trauma, career aspirations, or other milestones. You navigate healing and life with more curiosity and less anger, depression, and anxiety. Now picture yourself experiencing all of what you’ve imagined while being supported, heard, and seen, this is therapy.

The therapeutic process is a journey that has limitless opportunities for healing and growth. My approach is holistic in nature meaning, I encourage bringing the self and all its collective experiences to the space. I do this by use of various art mediums, insight-oriented cognitive restructuring, and building up self-regulatory practices that include mind-body interventions like mindfulness, yoga, and meditation.

My experience includes working with BIPOC, adolescent, and adult clients struggling with racial issues, life transitions, trauma, depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, sexual abuse, interpersonal relationship conflicts, coping skills, intimate partner violence, and women’s issues.