Shoshie Fox-Long, Social Work Intern


Hello! My name is Shoshie Fox-Long, and I am an MSW student at the University of Michigan, graduating in the summer of 2023. It was within my first few years of college that I finally figured out what I wanted to do as a career. I realized I wanted to help people through their own life obstacles, trauma, life stages and more! I want to help others with their mental health, and make their world a better place.

As I continue to learn and grow throughout my schooling and professional career, I want to work with a variety of populations and ages. My passion is working with children, youth, and families, but will work with so many others. I enjoy working with those who identify as minorities, brown youth/adults, child/adult adoptees, Latinx and those who struggle with anxiety, depression, body image issues, stressful life stages/obstacles and so much more!

BSW, Michigan State University 2022
Certificate in Social Work with Children, Youth, and Families, 2022
MSW, University of Michigan 2023

Specialty areas: Children/youth/families counseling, addiction/substance abuse, behavioral problems, adoption, brown children/youth/adults, grief, anxiety, depression, life stages/obstacles, stress, body image issues, and advocacy.