Corina Fadel, Licensed Massage Therapist *Accepting new clients April 2020!*

Corina Fadel, Licensed Massage Therapist *Accepting new clients April 2020!*

I am Corina Fadel and I graduated from Irenes Myomassology Institute in 2015 where I specialized in Trigger Point Therapy, Transforming Grief, and Thai and Shiatsu massage. I came to bodywork after 14 years of community organizing and youth work. I had lost multiple people in my life through murder and traumatic loss and was curious about the ways in which trauma and grief was staying in my body. I began specializing in Myofascial Release after learning about the fascia system and its connection to memory and trauma. Our fascia remembers our experiences, and when we have gone through hard things, often, we do not have the space to fully process, feel and release the pain, trauma and grief that we hold.

As a bodyworker I use elements of massage, Myofascial Release and energy work during sessions. I seek to create an environment where folks feel safe enough to feel and release what they have been holding, and what has been holding them. During sessions I can work on or off body, fully clothed or partially covered. I encourage clients to set boundaries with me, and work with clients to be active in their own healing. Our bodies are full of wisdom, and often after trauma and loss, we need a little support remembering we can trust ourselves. I strive to create an environment where folks can bring their full selves, and practice existing that way off the table.

For my sessions I ask that clients come with shorts and a sports bra, to allow for us to work with ease throughout the session. It is best that folks come hydrated, as fascia is connected to hydration in our body, and the more hydrated you are, the better you will feel after the work. I encourage my clients to journal after sessions, as many clients share that they experience moments of clarity and realization while on the table. My sessions pair well with other therapeutic work such as talk therapy and Reiki, as it allows for a chance for integration and embodiment.

**Accepting new clients April 2020!**

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