Erica Garcia, LLMFT

Erica Garcia, LLMFT

My approach to therapy with clients is to help create a non-judgmental, compassionate,
creative, and culturally responsive environment. As someone with marginalized and privileged
identities, I provide my therapeutic expertise from a position of some lived experience and
understanding and am open to discussing how identities influence therapy. I have experience
working with children, adolescents, and adults. While I welcome couples, partners, families,
and individuals from all backgrounds, my practice has a focus on serving people with diverse
and intersecting identities. I have a clinical interest in working with individuals from Latinx,
Chicanx/Xicanx, and LGBTQ+ communities.

I utilize an integrative and intersectional approach that is rooted in evidenced-based, non-
pathologizing, and a socio-cultural understanding to healing. I am relational and systemic
oriented, as my work centers around people and their experiences in relation to themselves,
others, and the world. My work focuses on you as a whole person while considering you as the
expert of your life and experiences. In our work together, we will uncover the harmful
narratives from society that hold people back. My healing work is for those who seek
witnessing, exploration, dialogue, meaning-making, and co-creation.

Depending on the client and their needs, I often use a combination of trauma-focused,
feminist, holistic, narrative, attachment, and strength-based practices. My specialty is using
mind-body approaches to support the healing efforts of people experiencing personal and
relational difficulties due to traumatic life events. Various types of trauma can include complex,
developmental, systemic, cultural, transgenerational, and so on. I attune to how interpersonal,
structural, institutional, and systemic oppression/trauma affects one’s experience moving
through the world. I approach trauma recovery being informed of eye movement
desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), internal family systems (IFS) including inner child
and parts centered work, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), expressive and creative
arts, and body-centered and somatic therapies. I am also trauma-informed in my work with
couples and sex therapy.

In my free time, I enjoy learning, creating, reading, traveling, playing video and board games,
cooking, spending time in nature, and cuddling with my canine companion Max.

M.S. in Child Development and Family Studies, with a specialization in Marriage and Family
Therapy, Purdue University Northwest, 2019
B.A. in Psychology and Art Therapy, Minors in History and Studio Art, Capital University, 2015
A.A., Wayne County Community College District, 2013