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There’s a good chance that if you clicked the “Radical Nutrition” tab, and found yourself here on this webpage, you’re well aware that Diets Don’t Work to improve overall health & well-being. Current research actually indicates that 95% of dieters regain all weight back/plus some within a few years of any loss.  That’s an alarming statistic that raises a lot of questions around what exactly isn’t working for the vast majority of folx and why.

There’s also a good chance that you or someone you know is struggling with food and body image issues.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE in these struggles, and any suffering you’re experiencing IS NOT YOUR FAULT.  “Weight bias, oppression, body oppression, and health disparities make caring for your body difficult” (https://benourished.org/our-manifesto/).

THERE IS ANOTHER WAY to approach making healthy lifestyle changes…that doesn’t involve focusing on the scale, calorie counting, tracking macros or steps.  Hyper-focusing on food is actually counterproductive and can be detrimental to your health!  

This radical approach to nutrition is weight-inclusive, and involves focusing on health behaviors, not numbers.  Rather, it celebrates size diversity, and challenges the mainstream, traditional weight science that’s likely shaped your perception about “healthy living.” And please be encouraged to know that this radical, nuanced, truly holistic approach to health is actually evidence-based! 

The Radical Well-Being Center is here to support you in healing your relationship with food and your body.  Our therapists and registered dietitian are aligned with the Health At Every Size® paradigm, and offer counseling services for disordered eating, weight/body image concerns, as well as medical nutrition therapy.

Intuitive Eating is a process of unlearning and reconnecting.  RadWell’s team dietitian & certified intuitive eating counselor, Amanda Villescas, would love to help you untangle and dismantle toxic diet culture thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs.  She hopes to help you reconnect with your innate wisdom to nourish, and feel more at home in your body.

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