Ryan Ursing, Clinical Graduate Social Work Intern

About Me: Hey there! My name is Ryan, and I’m currently a graduate student at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor working on my

Carly Podzikowski, LLP

My name is Carly Podzikowski (she/her) and I am an early career clinician, on my second career path. I am passionate about working with

Ashley Lupico, LLP

Overwhelm, burnout, wanting to be your best for the people you care about, and to show up and take care of yourself too, I

Christie Spudowski, LMSW, IMH-E

BIOGRAPHY: Hello! I’m Christie (she/her) and I’m a licensed social worker that’s passionate about working with infants, toddlers, and their families/parents. I am a

Michelle McGarrity, Ph.D, LLP

Life is about growth and change. We all experience turning points in our lives, my role is to help people navigate their way through

Courtney Cabell, LLP, Doctorate Level Intern

When human beings experience life stressors, it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel. My great passion is helping my clients find healthy

Johan Jaimes, LLMSW

Life hardship comes in many forms: emotional distress, trauma, relationship problems, physical or psychological feelings of unsafety. If you’re looking for a therapist you

Kaley Madden, TLLP

Hiiiiiiii, my name is Kaley Madden! I have been and will continue to be many things, however at this present moment I am a

Secret Mitchell, LLMSW

Hello! My name is Secret, and I am a limited-licensed therapist, a certified reiki master, and a certified crystal healer. I love working with

Jennifer Medrano Delacruz, TLLP

Hello there! My name is Jennifer Medrano Delacruz and I am a Temporary Limited License Psychologist that provides therapy services in both Spanish and

Radiance Zeigler, TLLP

Hey There! My name is Radiance and I am a certified School Psychologist and a Temporary Limited Licensed Psychologist. I am a Detroit native

Angel Schramm, TLLP

Pronouns: They/Them
My name is Angel Schramm (they/them). I am a gender-nonconforming, LGBTQIA+ and neurodivergent- affirming therapist. I myself have been through the journeys of trying

Stephen Howlett, LLMSW

Hey there! My name is Stephen Howlett. I am a graduate of Oakland University’s MSW program and recently obtained my limited license. I am

Mi-shael Taylor, LLMSW

I believe in the power of storytelling, art and expression as healing agents of change. As a therapist, my main goal is to ensure

Megan Dooley, LLPC

Hello, my name is Megan Dooley! A bit about me: I am a recent graduate of Eastern Michigan University and have my masters degree

Lainie Epstein Psy.D., LP, Clinical Supervisor, Practice Owner, Administrative Magician

My work is witnessing and holding space for healing from childhood trauma, and celebrating the freedom and peace that follows traveling into and then

Moss Herberholz, LLMSW

Welcome! Together we will work to identify your strengths and how you can use them to overcome your challenges. I provide a non-judgmental environment

Gabri Abalo, LLMSW

Our literal and figurative diasporas disrupt the connection we have to our existential, somatic, relationship, and environmental health. I specialize in supporting the diasporic

ange baldado, LLMSW, MPA

As a therapist, I orient my work around understanding narratives and relationships. What are the stories that you are telling yourself and about the

Andrea Pérez LMSW, MLIS

As a therapist with multiple intersecting identities, I understand our mental states are products of our social states. I aim to work collaboratively with

Kalle Pasch, LPC, Art Therapist

The foundation of my work with clients is a trauma-informed approach that acknowledges the impact of systemic oppression and injustice on mental health. Additionally,

Daisha Hill, LMSW

My name is Daisha Hill and I am a Licensed Clinical Therapist who has served in many settings which include Infectious Disease, Criminal Justice,

Patrick Day, LLP

I support my clients to reduce their suffering, overcome challenges and create radical well-being.  My approach is to focus on building the essential skills

Simone Wilson, LMSW, Supervisor

“Healing begins where the wound was made.” -Alice Walker I am a firm believer in body, mind, spirit healing. I seek to help individuals

Barrie Seigle, LMSW

My name is Barrie Seigle, I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. My work focuses on fostering compassion and acceptance of ourselves, and recognizing

Emily D. Goodman, LPC, BC-DMT

I have a passion for promoting therapeutic change through dance, movement, art making, mindfulness and yoga. My work is rooted in integrating the mind

Eric Wilkins, LMSW

In addressing the concerns of my clients, I wish to meet them where they are and then walk with them through the journey of

Grace Wong, LMSW

Healing, self-discovery, and making meaning are non-linear processes, and I look forward to potentially walking alongside you in your journey. You are welcome as

Brittany Whitaker, LMSW

I received my master’s in social work from Wayne State University with a focus on psychodynamic theory. My role as a therapist is to

Maria Christoff, Ph.D, LP

Staff Psychologist/Sex Therapist/Clinical Supervisor

She/Her Maria is a mestizx Mexican-American, pansexual, neurodiverse, cis woman. Maria seeks to provide services to individuals who have been historically insufficiently served in mental

Kristina Schumacher, LLP

Welcome! Are you finding it challenging to navigate a world that is still evolving in its acceptance of diverse genders, sexualities, bodies, and behaviors?

Rachel Thompson, LMSW

I am a Mother, therapist, energy healer with a Master of Social Work degree concentrated in Mental Health and Community Organizing. My clinical approach

Dr. Amorie Robinson, LP

I am devoted to supporting clients in developing meaningful and fulfilling lives through a combination of insight-oriented approaches and building effective coping strategies. My

The Team

Deirdre Laney-King, LMSW, Organizational Coach

I am a radical queer social worker specializing in work that challenges and seeks to dismantle systems of oppression at the individual, group and

Amanda Villescas, RDN, Body-Inclusive Virtual Nutrition Counseling

I’m Amanda – a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor with a passion for helping others develop more peaceful relationships with food

Lacey Harris, LMSW, Supervisor

My name is Lacey Harris and I am a licensed individual and family therapist. I believe seeking therapy is an act of courage and I would

Ashley Lightsey-Thompson, RMT, Intuitive Reiki & Crystal Healer

I didn’t choose the healing life; the healing life chose me… That sums up how my journey as a Reiki Energy Healer began. When

Fiyah Angel, Healing Justice Practitioner

I am Fiyah Angel.. I am a Black queer, non-binary healing artistivist from from Detroit, MI. I am a healing artist, ritualist, Rootworker, Hoodoo

Eri Guajardo Johnson, Birthworker, Birth Consultant & Medical Accompaniment for Survivors of Trauma, Holistic Peer Counselor

Eri Guajardo Johnson (She/Her, They/Them) is a bi-racial, trauma-informed birth doula, holistic peer counselor, community educator, and host of the community platform, For