Radical Nutrition

What you eat probably doesn’t matter as much as you think it does.  The BMI is Bullsh*t.  Diet culture is racist; anti-fatness is rooted in anti-blackness.  Wellness culture is ableist AF.  LGBTQIA+ folx have higher risk to develop disordered eating behaviors than their heterosexual peers.  Diets don’t work, obviously.  
You’ve quite possibly landed on this page because you already know all this…or maybe you don’t.  Either way, welcome 🙂
If you’re looking to learn more about how to nourish YOUR body from a place of self-care, opposed to unhelpful, unmotivating, toxic “shoulds,” without a side of weight stigma or body shame, check out the resources below.  
This resource guide is a far-from-exhaustive compilation of books and podcasts that explore key concepts of [the imperfect] intuitive eating framework, all things anti-diet, and some information about the Health at Every Size (HAES) principles — that we are sharing here with you in hope of moving us all towards collective body liberation.   
*Please note that many body activists do not identify as HAES-aligned, and consider body positivity to be a harmful movement — the brief explanation for this is that these movements have been co-opted by thin/straight-sized white folx for profit, harming countless number of marginalized folx, especially people of color, as these movements have grown in popularity while leaving the original roots of fat activism behind.  The Association of Size Diversity and Health is currently taking action to revise the HAES principles; ASDAH also plans to launch a new HAES provider list Summer of 2022.
Check out some of the Rad Reads and Rad Pods below to learn more!
And if you’re seeking personalized nutrition support and/or feeling ready to start healing your own fraught relationship with food, please reach out to our body-inclusive dietitian: amanda@radicalwell-beingcenter.com.  
Many of our therapists also have special interest in disordered eating & body image issues, as well.