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What is the free store?

Welcome to a new world of sustainable fashion at our Closet Bazaar! We are slowing fast fashion down and curating a treasure trove of new, vintage, and thrift quality clothes, housewares, shoes, and accessories. Our community-driven space is designed to slow down waste and promote sustainability. Not only will you find unique pieces to add to your wardrobe, but you’ll also be giving back by reducing the demand for new clothing. Experience the joy of giving and receiving at the Closet Bazaar.

Who is behind this?

Founded by Fiyah Angel, the Closet Bazaar has a rich history rooted in a passion for sustainability and community. As a single mother of three, Fiyah experienced the challenges of making ends meet and sought out clothing swaps as a solution. With each swap, they accumulated a collection of gently used clothing, and eventually, they started hosting their own swaps. These events grew in popularity and eventually led to the creation of the Closet Bazaar.

Established in 2019, the Closet Bazaar provides a free store for the community, offering new, vintage, and thrift quality clothes, housewares, shoes, and accessories. The aim of the Closet Bazaar is to slow down fast fashion and provide a space for people to shop for more than just basic necessities. In addition to practical items, the store also offers a range of whimsical, beautiful, and fun items that affirm the right to exist and thrive.

Where ?

The Closet Bazaar is located in:

Radical Well-Being Center
20411 W. 12 mile Rd
Suite 101
Southfield, MI 48076

Contact Fiyah

Facebook: Fiyah Angel

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