fiyah angel

Fiyah is holding a small lit oil lamp. The text across the top reads: readings by the lamp with fiyah.

fiyah angel (they/them): shadow walker/intuitive healing teacher

fiyah opens portals to exploration and freedom using a variety of intuitive tools and energy work. They are a certified hypnotherapist, death doula (grief path), reiki practitioner, root worker, and ritualist. Their work explores the expanse of subconscious and spiritual realms and they support others in developing a deeper connection with their authentic self and soul. fiyah’s offerings compassionately bring the shadow to light and make the subconscious conscious, bringing about the actualization of one’s truest and deepest desires.

Here are my current service offerings. Offerings change each season, so please check back to see what is new.
  • Spark Insight $44 A quick and insightful reading to illuminate your current path. 30 min
  • Whispers of the Flame $66 This intuitive reading session delves a bit deeper than the Spark Insight session. We take a bit more time and look at hidden patterns and truths, offering powerful insights into personal themes, complexities and subconscious influences. Recommended for those at the beginning of a shadow work journey. 45-55 min
  • Alchemist Lamp $88 This session is for folx with some shadow work experience who are seeking guidance on integrating a specific shadow issue. This session offers the combined power of intuitive tarot insights and personalized rituals and workings to gently guide you to the light in the shadow. 60 min


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