ange baldado, Social Work Intern


Hello there! My name is ange baldado and I am an Advanced Standing Master of Social Work student at the University of Michigan. My primary pathway focus is in Community Change, and secondary pathway foci are in Interpersonal Practice, and Welfare of Children & Families. I am currently completing my social work field placement here at the Radical Well-Being Center in macro social work, with integrated clinical experiences.

I identify as a transfeminine and queer Filipina, and I constantly dream of worlds beyond the simple binaries of “markets” and “states”. As a trans person, I feel like my social work practice, whether macro, mezzo, or micro, is rooted in a lens that is skeptical of dominant institutional structures that constrain our lives. By being clear about these institutional constraints, I hope the people I work with will find both communal and individual power to make positive changes in their lives and communities.

I function on the belief that social change occurs when agency explodes structure. Let’s work together in finding ways to embolden your agency, and let’s break down the shackles of ableism, capitalist logics, gender binaries, and white supremacy.

I derive joy from outdoor adventure, long-distance running, dancing, reading about theory, playing the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, and getting to know local communities.

  • Master of Public Administration, Syracuse University, 2021
  • Bachelor of Social Work, University of Central Florida, 2019