ange baldado, LLMSW, MPA


As a therapist, I orient my work around understanding narratives and relationships. What are the stories that you are telling yourself and about the world? What is the world telling you about your life, identities, and relationships? In my work, I aim to create a strong therapeutic alliance with clients that centers people’s innate strengths and resources. My clinical interests include queer, trans*, and any other minoritized identity issues, substance issues, life transitions, anxiety, and bereavement-grief.

I hold a belief that social change occurs when agency explodes structure. Let’s work together in finding ways to embolden your agency, and let’s break down the shackles of ableism, capitalist logics, gender binaries, and white supremacy. I am a generalist, and my practice is rooted in a multitude of critical theories, and humanistic theory. I integrate a narrative therapy approach, with a knowledge of trauma-informed care, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

I derive joy from outdoor adventure, long-distance running, dancing, reading about theory, playing the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, getting to know local communities, and conducting research on the intersections of transgender history and the history of mental health professionals in the United States.

-Limited License Master of Social Work (LLMSW) for the State of Michigan
-Master of Social Work (MSW), University of Michigan, 2023
-Master of Public Administration (MPA), Syracuse University, 2021-Bachelor of Social Work, University of Central Florida, 2019