Angel Schramm, TLLP


My name is Angel Schramm (they/them). I am a gender-nonconforming, LGBTQIA+ and neurodivergent- affirming therapist. I myself have been through the journeys of trying to find a place in this world as a neurodivergent member of the LGBTQIA+ community recovering from complex trauma, and in my healing journey it became clear to me how very special it is to support one another in this life.

I received my bachelor’s from WMU in 2021, and my master’s from the Michigan School of Psychology in 2022. In my work I’ve learned to blend my human-centered and existential background with trauma-informed and identity-affirming therapy, as well as a focus on collaboration with my clients. My philosophy as a therapist is that I am here to be your compass and your guide, and that the real cartographer of your journey is yourself. We will work together to find a path towards fulfillment and healing.

I bring in a mix of cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, and internal parts-work therapy to our sessions. I have plenty of experience facilitating DBT group and individual therapy, as well as with CBT, ACT, and Radically-Open DBT. I’ve helped clients work on overcoming challenges such as emotion regulation and stress management, disordered eating, body image, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, and childhood or complex trauma. In addition, I have helped clients with gender and sexuality transitions, letter-writing for gender-affirming care, as well as adjusting to life with late-diagnosis ADHD or autism spectrum.