Christie Spudowski, LMSW, IMH-E



Hello! I’m Christie (she/her) and I’m a licensed social worker that’s passionate about working with infants, toddlers, and their families/parents. I am a queer, neurodivergent therapist that prioritizes building a safe and comfy container for my clients to feel understood, cared for, and supported. 

Who might want to work with me?

Generally, I work best with people who are, for one reason or another, ready to do the deeper work necessary to resolve past trauma. I particularly enjoy working with individuals interested in doing this work within the context of parenthood and relationships. My clients generally want a space to tend to their own wounds so they can be the best parent they can be (and perhaps the parent they didn’t have). Many of my client have reached out to me saying things like:

  • “I have two young children and I’ve found myself yelling like my father did when I was young and it’s just really hard to navigate.”
  • “My partner and I are trying to conceive and I’m worried that my anxiety is going to make my pregnancy and parenting experience unenjoyable.”
  • “My baby never sleeps and when she cries I cry too because I’m so exhausted and it’s making me question why I wanted to be a father.”
  • “I just had a baby and I’m having a lot of trouble relaxing and worry about my baby all the time.”
  • “I recently became the foster parent of my nephew, who is three. He’s really aggressive and we can’t seem to potty train him. I’m not sure what to do to help him.”
  • “I’m not an angry person generally, but I find myself enraged at my children often, and it’s really scaring me. I don’t want to lose control!” 
  • “My nesting partner and I have been discussing what it means to have a baby when we both have other partners. I really need support as we navigate this.”
  • “I have young children and I’m really unhappy with my current partner. I’m not sure what to do, but I’m scared that their parenting is negatively impacting my kids.”
  • “My toddler is super clingy and never listens to me no matter what I do. I just don’t know what to do anymore.”
  • “My partner really wants to have a baby, but I’m really scared and unsure, which is really putting stress on our relationship.”

What are my credentials and relevant experiences?

I have an undergraduate degree in Child Development and completed the Wayne State MSW/Infant Mental Health Dual-Title program. I have extensive history working within the child welfare system, supporting families experiencing CPS involvement and foster care. I have sought out additional training/education in trauma, intimate partner violence, polyamory/ENM, kink/BDSM, and queer-affirming care. I am also a trained doula, childbirth educator, and yoga practitioner, and I am currently in EMDR training.

What’s my approach?

I generally work with my clients to discover the “roots” of their struggles. I use a variety of strategies to help my clients uncover and understand their wounds, often from their experiences/trauma from childhood. I then support them in establishing safety and cultivating compassion toward those wounds. I then facilitate healing and resolution by strengthening the mind-body connection and working to restructure internalized beliefs that may be getting in the way. While everyone I work with needs something different, I often use a mix of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Internal Family Systems, and Somatic Therapy, all with an attachment-based lens. I like to think of myself as a warm yet direct therapist. In other words, I can sit back and hold space for you, or I can confidently challenge you (or both!)

Specialty areas:

  • Infant Loss / Abortion / Adoption
  • Pregnancy
  • Surrogacy
  • Birth / Birth Trauma
  • Parenting
  • Child Behavioral Challenges / Emotional Concerns
  • Depression / Anxiety (children & adults)
  • Postpartum Mood Disorders (Anxiety, Depression)
  • LGBTQ+ / Queer individuals 
  • Complex Trauma & PTSD
  • Domestic / Intimate Partner Violence
  • Foster Care / Child Abuse & Neglect
  • Parenting Challenges & Stress
  • Polyamory, Ethical Non-monogamy
  • Kink & BDSM


  • Children 0-5 years (and their caregivers)
  • Adults 18 years and up


  • I am open to working with all gender identities and expressions, but I identify as a cisgender woman, so if someone is specifically looking for a therapist with a trans/non-binary/gender fluid identity, I’m not the right fit for them