Daisha Hill, LMSW


My name is Daisha Hill and I am a Licensed Clinical Therapist who has served in many settings which include Infectious Disease, Criminal Justice, Child Welfare and Behavioral Health. I am passionate about helping people reach radical self-acceptance and self-love through vulnerability. I enjoy helping people go through the murky waters of their subconscious mind to identify their trauma, conditioning and core beliefs to heal which allows them to live a more aligned and authentic life. I truly believe that to unlock the abundance of the Universe, you have to be in alignment with your highest self. Practicing from a Cognitive Based Therapy and Trauma Informed Frame, I act as a teacher and guide on your own path to self-discovery, development and autonomy. 

I have experience and enjoy working with those who identify with the LGBTQIA spectrum, Youth, Black and Brown people and those who struggle with Depression, Anxiety and Body Image issues.  I am obsessed with human behavior, Astrology, Spirituality and Psychology and this knowledge adds to my  toolkit and how I practice. 

Achieving Authenticity is Attainable. Find Yourself, Be Yourself, Honor Yourself. 

LMSW, Wayne State University 2016