Eri Guajardo Johnson, Birthworker, Birth Consultant & Medical Accompaniment for Survivors of Trauma, Holistic Peer Counselor


Eri Guajardo Johnson (She/Her, They/Them) is a bi-racial, trauma-informed birth doula, holistic peer counselor, community educator, and host of the community platform,

For over 10 years, Eri has been dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual assault (with an emphasis on serving marginalized populations); has studied indigenous Mexican and Indian healing modalities to learn about mind, body, spirit, & communal wellness, herbalism, and food as medicine; and has taught and organized countless classes and community events centered around the healing and empowerment of women.

Since 2016, Eri has woven the previously mentioned threads of study into her focus on birthwork. She specializes in supporting survivors of trauma through the birth experience and hosts multiple workshops a year educating birthworkers on intersectional, anti-oppression based approaches to supporting survivors of sexual violence. The Birth Bruja platform is a manifestation of Eri’s passion for birthwork as a spiritual, liberational & decolonial practice and is geared toward widening and deepening the scope of modern birthwork. Visit to learn more about Birthwork Mentorship Circles, Seasonal Book Clubs, and Community Workshops that feature a wide array of topics that range from strengthening intuition with Tarot, learning how to interrupt systems of oppression, to learning how to support folks through miscarriage, stillbirth, & abortion.


Birth Consultations for Survivors of Trauma  $75/session

Increase a sense of preparedness and reduce chances of re-traumatization by being informed, grounded, & creating a detailed birth vision & care plan.

4 Sessions | 1.5-2hrs each   (Available remotely via video call or in-person for folks in the Metro Detroit Area)

Session One: Build and strengthen coping skills that will most successfully support you during times of fear, overwhelm, anxiety, etc. We craft a personalized plan of physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual strategies that will be helpful during pregnancy, birth, postpartum & beyond.

Session Two, Three & Four: Identify & address the most commonly triggering aspects of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience. Strategize solutions/action plans around each trigger to avoid/minimize stress, fear, re-traumatization, etc. Leave with a detailed birth vision & care plan to assist in preparedness and future decision making.

Medical Accompaniment for Survivors of Trauma  $50/appointment
Medical appointments can be a source of major stress & anxiety: dental, gynecological, specialists, etc. Having an experienced, compassionate, and non-judgemental companion can support you advocating for yourself and minimize stress, fear, & re-traumatization.

  • Includes an optional phone check in a few days before to brainstorm strategy & resources for managing the appointment as well as a time to debrief & process right after the medical visit.

Birth Doula Services

Visit to learn more.

To inquire with questions or to make an appointment, contact or 734-904-4276.

***Limited discounted slots are available for single parents, youth, trans/gender non-conforming folk, disabled, undocumented, & folks of color. Inquire on availability.