Fiyah Angel, Healing Justice Practitioner


I am Fiyah Angel.. I am a Black queer, non-binary healing artistivist from from Detroit, MI. I am a healing artist, ritualist, Rootworker, Hoodoo Mutha, Karuna Ki/Usui and Ancestral Reiki master and poet. I am the author of “God’s Junk Drawer” and “Poems from my Baby Daddy.” I am currently writing a book of essays and stories. I am an ordained minister and death doula.

At Radical Well-Being Center, I serve as a Healing Justice Practitioner specializing in the reclamation of ritual, tradition and ancestral technologies that transform and liberate us from the intergenerational impact of trauma resulting from oppression. I offer reiki and tarot divination, spiritual consultations, ritual, workshops, classes available through RadWell. Feel free to contact me with questions via email. The services I offer are not typically covered by insurance and that will not stop this healing work! I have a sliding fee available.

When I am not writing, parenting or doing ritual, I am weirding the existence, working in shadows, practicing and studying kink and conjure. Bliss, rest, and community are my passions.