Gabri Abalo, LLMSW

Our literal and figurative diasporas disrupt the connection we have to our existential, somatic, relationship, and environmental health. I specialize in supporting the diasporic health of disabled, queer and/or trans, racialized lived experience of all income classes whose experiences are sometimes called Au/DHD, BPD, and/or (C-)PTSD. In our sessions, we’ll co-develop practices and rituals you need to thrive with and within your community. Using person-centered and strength-based evidence-based practices, we can map, structure, process, and equip you to navigate life’s terrains.

I’ve assisted systems-impacted clients with holding space and re-familiarizing with the parts of themselves society asks them to betray. This includes harm reduction for disordered eating and safety concerns (ex. abusive patterns, self-harm, suicidal experiences), and everyday trauma management of emerging to middle-age adults and teens.

Everyone deserves to connect with the support they need to develop their capacity for growth. Together, we’ll co-edit your narrative and explore what’s missing from your life. We’ll restore ways of living with all parts of you and support growth to anchor you in your journey. I look forward to co-creating our time and space together.