Gabri Abalo, LLMSW


Hi there! My name’s Gabri. Life’s waves can bring seasons of disconnection from our energy, our body, our values, our relationships, and/or our community/environment. I specialize in supporting the diasporic health of community-organizing, queer, trans, multi-ethnic/racial people of all income classes. In therapy, we’ll center developing energy-affirming practices and reshaping energy-taking practices. Using person-centered and strength-based evidence-based practices, we can map, structure, process, and equip you to navigate life’s terrains.

A little background on my training: I graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Social Relations & Policy (Sept 2013-May 2018, my fifth-year people where ya at!!). I went on to intern at Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness and Washtenaw County Community Mental Health while studying at University of Michigan’s School of Social Work (Sept 2019-July 2021). Throughout my undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate experiences, I’ve gained experience as a crisis counselor. I’ve primarily worked with QT/BIPOC undergraduate college students.

I integrate an eclectic mix of ACT, CBT, DBT, MI, narrative, parts, and somatic techniques with individuals 12+. I’ve supported patients’ transformations through attachment trauma, collective trauma, grief, harm reduction, and relationship violence. I’ve facilitated harm reduction support regarding disordered eating, safety concerns (i.e. abusive patterns, self-harm, suicidal experiences), and substance experimentation and/or use.

Everyone deserves to connect with the support they need to develop their capacity for growth. Our healing partnership will help us tend to your emotional, relational, and community needs. Part of your healing journey could entail building emotional and somatic awareness, improving boundaries, (re)learning grounding skills, and (re)structuring thought patterns. Together, we’ll co-edit your narrative and explore what’s missing from your life. We’ll restore ways of living with all parts of you and support growth to anchor you in your journey. If it sounds like we’d make a good fit for a healing partnership, I look forward to co-creating our time and space together.