Kalle Pasch, LLPC, Art Therapist


Hi there, my name is Kalle Pasch. I am a Limited Licensed Professional Counselor and an Art Therapist. In my practice, I create a non-judgmental space to collaborate with clients. I intent to build an environment that allows individuals to be their full unique selves, explore emotions, and empower them to create change.

I integrate many different theoretical and holistic approaches to treatment. The foundation of my practice is a trauma-informed approach that acknowledges the impact of systemic oppression and injustice on mental health. Additionally, I incorporate cognitive-behavioral approaches, mindfulness education, person-centered approaches, and meditation into my practice with clients.

I believe that all beings are inherently valuable and worthy as they are. In my practice, I hope to help individuals heal, grow, gain insight, create change, and move in the direction of their truest most authentic selves.

I have experience working with a wide range of issues. I have helped clients dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma, suicide, family estrangement, sexual abuse, gender identity issues, LGBTQIA+ issues, self-esteem issues, confidence, and body acceptance issues. I have previous experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities and neurodiverse individuals as well.

I am an artist, a cat lover, and a daydreamer. I love the experience of being in nature.

M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Art Therapy from, Wayne State University, 2021

B.A. in Studio Art with an additional major in Psychology, 2018