Kalle Pasch, LPC, Art Therapist


The foundation of my work with clients is a trauma-informed approach that acknowledges the impact of systemic oppression and injustice on mental health. Additionally, I incorporate cognitive-behavioral approaches, mindfulness education, person-centered approaches, and meditation.

I aim to help individuals find their authentic voice in a world full of shame and “shoulds”. I’m focused on helping individuals let go of the protective masks they wear and hold themselves with compassion. In my practice, I hope to help individuals heal, grow, gain insight, create change, and move fiercely in the direction of their truest most authentic selves.

I have experience working with individuals who are neurodivergent, transgender, and non-binary. I have training and experience supporting individuals with anxiety, depression, trauma, autism, PDA, ADHD, family estrangement, gender identity issues, LGBTQIA+ issues, self-esteem issues, and confidence. I believe in body liberation. I have professional training and lived experience in finding body trust and self-love while existing in a larger body.

If you are looking for a different therapeutic approach and are interested in being creative, art therapy might be a good fit for you. You do not need any previous art experience to use art materials to explore feelings and create healing. Today in our modern health care approaches we call expressive therapies “non-traditional.” From a historical perspective, we know this is anything but true, and that art, dance, and ritual in community have been the traditional practices of communities across the world. Body-based approaches such as art therapy can access a part of the brain that is not governed by language. Artmaking helps us bypass the limits of what we consciously know and tap into different layers of thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. This helps us access new perspectives and narratives to guide us in moving toward a more fulfilling future.

I am queer, an ADHDer, an artist, a cat lover, and a daydreamer.

M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Art Therapy from, Wayne State University, 2021

B.A. in Studio Art with an additional major in Psychology, 2018