Kristina Schumacher, LLP

Welcome! Are you finding it challenging to navigate a world that is still evolving in its acceptance of diverse genders, sexualities, bodies, and behaviors? I understand the importance of finding a therapist who not only accepts you but truly understands your unique experiences. 
As a clinician who is fat, queer, and neurodivergent, I understand the struggle of finding a therapist who validates and hears you. I bring a personal understanding of how to modify therapeutic strategies to fit your unique energy level, executive function, and ability. 


What is therapy with me like? 

Embarking on the therapeutic journey with me is a collaborative and empowering experience focused on your unique identity and diverse experiences. I am dedicated to creating a safe and affirming space where we explore Neurodiverse-affirming practices, collaboratively building systems to alleviate daily overwhelm while fostering self-acceptance and compassion. My commitment extends to championing Health at Every Size (HAES) and body liberation principles, promoting an environment free from body shame or stigma. With a foundation of inclusivity, cultural humility, and client-centered care, I acknowledge that traditional therapy approaches may not resonate with everyone due to varied backgrounds and experiences.

Our sessions are designed to be safe, supportive, nonjudgmental, and even enjoyable. Together, we navigate the terrain of self-expression, coping skill acquisition, and the journey toward embracing your authentic self. Meeting you where you are, we might explore anything from gaining confidence to trying the latest TikTok trend, establishing boundaries in relationships, sitting with emotions without judgment, figuring out how to make doing the dishes less miserable, or understanding and minimizing the impacts of trauma on your daily life. The overarching goal is to empower you to embrace the truest version of yourself and gain a feeling of ease in your daily life.


What is my client demographic?

My typical clients encompass a diverse range of individuals spanning from adolescents to adults, aged 12 to 65, reflecting the varied experiences that come with different life stages. The issues addressed within this demographic are both broad and nuanced, covering a spectrum of mental health concerns. These include anxiety, depression, ADHD, autism, personality disorders, dissociative disorders, LGBTQ issues, women’s issues, chronic illness, and trauma.

Additionally, the therapeutic space I provide welcomes discussions around fat-positivity, intuitive eating, disordered eating, and recognizing the importance of fostering a holistic approach to well-being. The inclusivity of this demographic is fundamental in creating a safe and supportive environment for clients to explore and navigate their unique challenges and experiences.

Making the decision to start therapy is not easy, and I commend you for your courage and strength in seeking support. Let’s work together to embrace and accept the person you were yesterday, today, and will be tomorrow. 

Fun Facts About Me: 
  • Favorite TV Show or Movie? The 2019 version of Little Women or Everything, Everywhere, All At Once
  • In my free time, I enjoy: Reading, trying a million crafts (sewing, embroidering, crocheting, watercolor painting,etc), spending time with my cat (Pippin), karaoke, nighttime walks with my dog (Archie), and interior decorating.
  • Favorite place to visit: Chicago, I love going to the Korean spa outside of Chicago and going to concerts there!
  • Favorite non-chain restaurant: Ken Ken Sushi in Farmington Hills or Gateaux Patisserie in Dearborn