Lacey Harris, LMSW, Supervisor


My name is Lacey Harris and I am a licensed individual and family therapist. I believe seeking therapy is an act of courage and I would be honored to be a part of your process toward change.

I use empathy, life experiences, trainings and sometimes a sense of humor to work with you toward your goals. We start with where you’re at today and navigate together where you want to go. During difficult times, I am not afraid to sit with grief and unpack trauma. My therapeutic hope is to give you an encouraging space to process, learn to cope and rebuild again after significant life events.

I have a Bachelor of Social Work from Michigan State (2005) and a Master of Social degree from Wayne State University (2009). My real experience comes from over 10 years of having the privilege of working with families (birth, foster, relative, and adoptive families) who have been impacted by the foster care system. I also have over 7 years experience working with infants, young children, youth and families who have experienced trauma.

I am passionate about supporting moms during their pregnancy and offering a safe space to process motherhood. As a mom I know that being a parent can be beautiful, but it can also be very overwhelming. I’m here as a mom and a therapist to sit with the beautiful moments and also address feelings of grief, loss, anxiety, and depression. I use trauma informed, relationship based/attachment, solution focused, intersectional and strength-based approaches.

Specialty areas- children, youth (LGBTQIA+), maternal mental health, infant mental health, attachment relationships, grief/loss and trauma.

Outside my love for being a therapist, I enjoy having adventures with my two kids, connecting with other parents, organizing around issues of social justice, kickboxing, and spending time with friends.