Lainie Epstein Psy.D., LP, Clinical Supervisor, Practice Owner, Administrative Magician


My work is witnessing and holding space for healing from childhood trauma, and celebrating the freedom and peace that follows traveling into and then out of the pain of those experiences. I bring focus to acceptance, compassion, nurturing, and love for one’s self, exactly as you are today. I believe that we cannot shame ourselves into action or into change, we must love and validate ourselves in order to grow intentionally. I think humor is valuable in therapy and believe in the innate healing power of every individual.

I derive my style from my authenticity (I am in the room and not a blank slate) and work to decrease the power imbalance in the traditional “therapist/patient” relationship as much as possible. I am not an expert on you. You are. I am honored to be present on your journey. I do not pathologize normal and adaptive responses to oppression and other forms of trauma. Under this Capitalist, White Supremacist, Patriarchal power structure, being empowered in and loving our bodies and minds is a radical act. Let’s create a future and a new paradigm where nurturing basic humanity is not radical but supported and normalized.

My joys are houseplants, growing vegetables and flowers, singing in bands and karaoke, and swimming in pools, lakes, oceans, and streams.

  • Psy.D. Clinical Psychology, Michigan School for Professional Psychology, 2014
  • MA Humanistic and Clinical Psychology, Center for Humanistic Studies 2005
  • BFA Film, Photography, Visual Arts, Ithaca College 1999
  • Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CAADC)