Mel Ciaravino, Counseling and Clinical Rehabilitation Intern

As a counseling and clinical rehabilitation intern, Mel is particularly interested in working with clients seeking therapy because of their experiences with addiction, trauma, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and other disabilities. They have served as a mentor for LGBTQ youth, worked with individuals who have experienced traumatic brain injuries, and volunteered as a first responder for individuals who experienced sexual assault. They contribute to program development at Hidden Water, a nonprofit that provides a restorative justice approach to interrupting the cycle of childhood sexual abuse through healing circles.

Mel believes in therapy where you are heard and supported toward the goals and priorities that you decide. Mel encourages new processes and tools that build an increased capacity for self-regulation.

Mel’s passion for their work began with lived experience of mental health challenges and disability. They are driven by the transformation possible through gaining access to therapy that emphasizes strengths and increases our sense of agency.

Mel’s practice is rooted in an awareness of the broad impact of systemic oppression, institutional bias, and economic inequality on the mental health of so many of us. Their work is informed by the perspectives of feminist therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and contemplative therapy.