Patrick Day, LLP


I support my clients to reduce their suffering, overcome challenges and create radical well-being.  My approach is to focus on building the essential skills necessary for lasting happiness; such as letting go of unnecessary suffering, accepting the inevitable suffering that comes with being human, identifying what is truly meaningful to you and succeeding in meeting the challenges that accompany the pursuit of a meaningful life.

I draw from a wide range of therapies and psychoeducation models to make change possible.  I use somatic psychotherapy techniques to help you reconnect with your body, develop self regulation and the ability to create new ways of being; Compassion Focused Therapy for the shame and self criticism that is at the heart of depression, anger and anxiety for so many people; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy along with other mindfulness based therapies to alter patterns of thinking and create new behaviors; and Authentic Relating to develop intimacy, healthy relationships and a supportive base of friendships.

I have found over the years that my approach works especially well with people who are reluctant to engage in therapy or have not benefited from therapy in the past because it is “all talk”.  Also, if you’re someone who often feels “stuck in their head” or that changing your thinking never seems to change how you feel, then a more embodied form of therapy may work better for you.  I also specialize in working with adolescent boys and men who often prefer more action-oriented, strength based approaches to change.