Rachel Thompson, LLMSW


I am a Mother, therapist, energy healer, and co-founder of a woman/nonbinary-centered music collective. I have a Master of Social Work degree concentrated in Mental Health and Community Organization. My clinical approach conceptualizes ‘mental health treatment’ as a form of activism within a society designed to keep folks traumatized, oppressed and disconnected. Our current mental health framework makes neurodivergent people feel like they are the problem with little to no focus on systemic issues.  I believe each of us possess inherent strengths and gifts and aim to explore those deeply with you in a space where you feel safe and accepted for exactly who you are.  We can harness what makes us different.

I have experience inside an inpatient Psychiatric hospital setting, multiple Wayne County Community Mental Health settings, as a Re-entry case manager assisting folks transitioning from prison back into their communities, as a medical advocate inside Wayne County Jails, and as the Lead Clinician within a Detroit homeless shelter.  All of these spaces must be decolonized or abolished for true healing to occur. I believe strongly in collective healing, intersectionality, ancestral healing, creative and community work as keys to achieving balance and wellness. I am certified in Usui Reiki I and II.  Depending on your personal needs and goals: we will use a combination of solution-focused, CBT, trauma-informed, harm reduction, holistic and mindfulness approaches. I believe that taking the time, space and care towards healing ourselves within our communities is revolutionary.