Amanda Villescas, RDN, Body-Inclusive Virtual Nutrition Counseling

Amanda Villescas, RDN, Body-Inclusive Virtual Nutrition Counseling


I'm Amanda - a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor with a passion for helping others develop more peaceful relationships with food and their bodies.  I'm also passionate about making this type of health & wellness support more accessible by offering low-cost, virtual nutrition therapy sessions.

My nutrition therapy approach is anti-diet, body-inclusive, and has been shaped by the Intuitive Eating principles.

When working together, we’ll explore habits and behaviors that honor hunger & fullness, cultivate balanced nourishment, and encourage eating with flexibility and mindfulness.

I hope to share fresh insight and therapeutic nutrition interventions that empower you to tune into your needs from a place of curiosity and self-compassion, rather than judgment or shame.  My goal is to provide gentle guidance that enables you to experience improved overall health & well-being, as well as a deeper sense of embodiment.

Please be encouraged to know that my nutrition therapy recommendations never include the prescription of a calorie restricted meal plan.  In focusing on health and well-being, the emphasis of HAES-informed nutrition  counseling is not on weight/weight loss, but rather on sustainable, health-promoting behaviors.  However, discussion of weight concerns, if the client desires, can certainly be honored & included as a component of our nutrition therapy sessions.

Education and training:
I hold a bachelor’s degree in Dietetics from Madonna University and completed my dietetic internship at Harper University Hospital in coordination with the Detroit Medical Center. For over 15 years I've been practicing as an RDN, with extensive experience in both clinical and wellness work.

Nutrition Support services offered for --

  • Disordered eating
  • Weight concerns
  • Digestive issues
  • Chronic disease (including but not limited to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension) prevention and management
Contact information, location, scheduling, fees, etc.
-->please note that I am currently located in Melbourne, Australia! The time difference actually typically works well for those residing in the US, as late afternoon/evening appointments are primarily available, Monday-Thursday.
Sunday evenings may also be an option for those in need of a weekend time slot.

*Virtual 1:1 nutrition therapy sessions are conducted via Google Meet

**The best way to schedule an appointment at this time is to email me directly: (so as to avoid any international phone charges ;)

Unfortunately, I am not able to bill insurance right now
All price points below offer the same quality of service.  Initial Consultations are approximately 1 hour; follow-up sessions typically run 45-50 minutes
Standard Rates (for those who have sufficient resources and can cover this cost):  
Initial Consult - $75

follow-ups $50 per session

Equity Rates (for those who have financial need and/or a marginalized identity):
Initial Consult - $50

follow-ups $30 per session

Standard Plus/Helping Hand Rates (for those who are financially secure and would like to directly support increased access for others): 
Initial Consult - $100

follow-ups $75 per session

Standard family session rate (example, client + partner/ client + parent or guardian/ client + primary support person): $60 per session


New Client package deal: Initial Consult + 3 follow-ups -- $200


*Currently accepting all payments through Venmo or Paypal

Curious to simply learn more about Intuitive Eating and HAES?  Click HERE to access the Radical Nutrition resource page!

Questions/concerns/thoughts for Amanda?  Don't hesitate to reach out by emailing

You can also find her @greysaltnutrition on Instagram.