Truths of Our Hues

Hey everyone, 

I was so excited to learn that Radwell now has a feature on our website that allows clinicians to engage in blog writing!! That means I’m one step closer to publishing.

Writing has been a passion of mine, in addition to helping others, since childhood. This practice acts as an outlet for me, my most beloved form of communication and method of sharing information. I have this astounding opportunity and platform to share wisdom and incorporate the stories told by the silenced through creative storytelling. Storytelling is more than just a therapeutic intervention I utilize in treatment, but a true art form of life and meridian of truth.

I am hopeful that you will receive, are entertained by these narratives/posts (or respectfully ignore, if you must).

Please feel free to email me at with topics you desire to see reflected in my blog posts. All posts will be anonymous, except chosen stories of my own that I will share. As my schedule persists, I intend to post weekly or biweekly. Welcome to Truths of Our Hues.

Peace and with love,