We Serve All People

Access is everything! We have an intern starting in September so that we can open up our accessibility even more. We take straight Medicaid and the Medicaid HMO panels that approved us. Some did not approve us saying “panels are full” which is a way access is systemically limited. 

If you have BCBS and BCN…. We know that you can go wherever you want for therapy and healing and wellness services. We invite you to choose us. When you choose to receive services at Radical Well-Being Center, you enable people with Medicaid and people who need a sliding-fee scale to receive services as well because you help us remain open and able to take reduced fees.

Our model works because we serve ALL people. Our model works because we provide the same high quality services for healing and wellness to people of all socioeconomic statuses.

If you are looking for a therapist and have the ability to pay or have wonderful insurance, please consider coming to Radwell for therapy, nutrition, Reiki, groups, and yoga. We thank you and are honored to walk this path with you.