Closet Bazaar: Free Store Update

Hey friends, we’ve got exciting news! The Closet Bazaar aka free store you know and love is
transitioning to a bigger, brighter home.

We are in our chrysalis era, dissolving a becoming a new thing era. We are
freedom dreaming and planning.

Since 2019 we have been located in the group room space at Radical Well-Being Center doing
seasonal pop up events, it’s time we put down roots. We’re actively searching for a permanent
location to serve as our place for free clothing, household goods, and most importantly,

Here’s what you can expect from our new space:

Abundant Free Finds: We’ll continue offering a curated selection of gently-used clothing and
household items, all available for free and displayed with dignity. Whether you’re looking for a
wardrobe refresh, or some gently-loved treasures for your home, we’ll have something for

A Vibrant Third Space
: Beyond the racks, we envision a space for connection and creativity. Art
galleries showcasing local talent, open mic nights, and workshops inspiring you to explore new
skills (including: mending clothes, patches, alterations).

We’ll also host events and celebrations and grief spaces, providing a
welcoming space for gathering, building bonds, sharing and witnessing one another.

Promoting Sustainability: We’re passionate about diverting clothing and goods from landfills,
and our new space will allow us to expand our impact. While we’re busy building and freedom
dreaming of our new nest, we’re temporarily closed to donations. Please continue to host and
attend swaps, support free stores and community thrift stores.

A New Name?: With our new vision, new story and new identity a new name may emerge.

Spread the word: Tell your friends and family about the Closet Bazaar and our mission. Help us
build anticipation and energy towards our vision.

Stay connected: Follow us on @radicalwellbeingcenter on social media.
Share your ideas: We’re eager to hear what you’d like to see in our new space. What events
would you enjoy? What workshops would be interesting and useful to you?

Share your thoughts and testimonials, help us shape the future of the Closet Bazaar!


We’re incredibly excited about this next chapter and can’t wait to welcome you into our new

Stay tuned for further updates, and thank you for being a part of the Closet Bazaar journey!