If the 24 hours have been hard for you…

If the last 24 hours have been hard for you, know that YOU are not broken. Please do not pathologize your appropriate response to violence, white supremacy, and oppression. Our emotions are valid, and give us information about the world around us. The world around us is a problem. If you are having high anxiety and panic, consider limiting the news today and identifying a place, real or imagined, where you feel safe. Go to this place physically or in meditation and feel yourself supported and protected. If you cannot find a place, is there a person? Is a person in your safe place and can you reach out to them? Sometimes it’s OK to stay in bed and pull the covers over your head until you have physiologically and emotionally more latitude to deal with the external world. If you do not have the privilege of taking care of yourself today in this way, please carry with you all of the love and protection that those of us who understand what you’re going through because we are going through it too are sending to you. Carry it with you in the world, surround yourself in a bubble and fill that bubble with all of our care and love. Name the feelings that you’re having, and bring compassion and love to all of your valid feelings, and all of your feelings are valid feelings. If you feel drawn to write, writing is a great way to process and clarify for yourself. Either by writing out rage and anger or by writing to yourself with love and support and understanding. Write intentions for the world. Do a ritual, bind evil that needs to be bound. Encourage the changes in society that would allow for all people to be respected and safe. 🖤 #Radwell#support#yourfeelingsarevalid#fuckwhitesupremacy#guncontrolnow#shapeourworld#communitycare#askyourfriendsforhelp#radicaltherapy#callradwell #





ID: writing says: symptoms of anxiety and depression such as fear, panic attacks, isolating, tearfulness, numbness, irritability, anger and sleep difficulties are normal responses to white supremacist mass murders. Your response is not a problem with you, it’s a problem with the world.