Carly Podzikowski, LLP

My name is Carly Podzikowski (she/her) and I am an early career clinician, on my second career path. I am passionate about working with folks living with chronic and invisible … Read more

Ashley Lupico, LLP

Overwhelm, burnout, wanting to be your best for the people you care about, and to show up and take care of yourself too, I see you. The heavy weight of … Read more

Christie Spudowski, LMSW, IMH-E

BIOGRAPHY: Hello! I’m Christie (she/her) and I’m a licensed social worker that’s passionate about working with infants, toddlers, and their families/parents. I am a queer, neurodivergent therapist that prioritizes building … Read more

Johan Jaimes, LLMSW

Life hardship comes in many forms: emotional distress, trauma, relationship problems, physical or psychological feelings of unsafety. If you’re looking for a therapist you most likely have recognized some of … Read more

Kaley Madden, TLLP

Hiiiiiiii, my name is Kaley Madden! I have been and will continue to be many things, however at this present moment I am a Temporary Limited Licensed Psychologist, as well … Read more

Secret Mitchell, LLMSW

Hello! My name is Secret, and I am a limited-licensed therapist, a certified reiki master, and a certified crystal healer. I love working with clients to help guide them on … Read more

Jennifer Medrano Delacruz, TLLP

Hello there! My name is Jennifer Medrano Delacruz and I am a Temporary Limited License Psychologist that provides therapy services in both Spanish and English. I graduated from the Michigan … Read more